Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A Baby's In There

Son #2 was watching an episode of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood one afternoon.  The episode talked about Daniel Tiger's mother, her pregnancy, and the upcoming birth of his brand-new baby sister.  Son #2 sat glued to the television with his mouth hanging half open.  Excitement radiated over his tiny face. 

As the show ended, the melody of the final song hung in the air.  Son #2 scampered to my side while I relaxed in my rocking chair.  He snuggled against my arm and looked lovingly into my eyes.  Then, he said something that made me almost fall out of my rocker.  Son #2 pointed to my breasts currently undergoing reconstruction and innocently stated.  "A baby's in dere."

"What?"  I asked, a bit confused and almost laughing.

Son #2 pointed to my breasts once more and said in a matter-of-fact tone.  "A baby's in dere."

"No no no."  I giggled.  "A baby lives in the tummy."  I said as I pointed to my stomach.  Then to clarify things for my youngest son, I said.  "There is no baby in my tummy.  But a long time ago you and your brother were in my tummy."

Son #2 closed his eyes for a moment.  He looked at the last couple pictures of Daniel Tiger and his mother on the television screen.  Slowly, he turned his head back to me.  This time he pointed at my stomach.  "Dere's no baby in dere?"

"No.  There's no baby in there."  I confirmed. 

Son #2 looked sad.  I leaned over and wrapped him in my arms.  "You know what?"  I whispered in his ear.  "One of my babies is right here."

Son #2 giggled with delight.  I tickled his tummy and cried aloud for both of my boys to hear.  "I love you, my little babies!"

Son #1 yelled back from his room in mock disdain.  "I'm not a baby!"

Son #2 imitated his brother.  "I not baby!"

"That's what you think!"  I hollered.  "You'll always be my babies!"