Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Fuzzy Rabbit Hair

While in the midst of radiation treatments, I began to notice a change on my scalp.  If I peered at myself closely in the bathroom mirror, I could make out the beginnings of my hair.  Prior to cancer and chemotherapy, I used to have thick, long, dark brown/black ringlet curls that hung past my waist.  When I stood out in the sun, my curls would shimmer with red/brown highlights.  I really loved my hair.  My husband really loved my hair as well.

I could feel tingles of excitement and also tinges of worry as I examined my scalp in the mirror.  Cancer patients always talked about how their hair had changed after taking chemotherapy.  Some talked about bald spots while others reported curlier hair.  Since my hair was already curly, I worried that it would come back straight or thin or a different color.  Those attributes are not bad attributes.  I think I would probably look pretty cute with straighter or thinner hair.  My old hair could be quite bushy in humid weather, similar to Animal from the Muppet Show.  However, I wanted my old hair back so I could feel more like me again.

So there I sat on my bathroom counter examining the sprouts of hair on my head.  As the weeks passed, the sprouts eventually turned into fuzzy rabbit hair.  That fuzzy rabbit hair was black, thick, and very straight.  With the right kind of makeup and fun clothes, I rocked that fuzzy rabbit hair!

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