Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I Look Like I'm Ten

Immediately after my mastectomy, I wore bandages for at least five days before I looked at my scars.  Drainage tubes hung from my sides.  I moved around the house gingerly so as not to disturb the bothersome tubes.  Draining the tubes and recording the volume of fluid collected  was an interesting task.  I have a warped mind and was strangely fascinated with my disgusting souvenirs from the surgery. 

Eventually, the home health nurse came by the house to change my bandages and look at the scars.  As she removed the bandages, she commented that the scars looked fantastic.  I was surprised.  Then, I looked down at my scars and realized I looked like a ten year old.  This was crazy!  It was almost as if I had traveled back to a time prior to puberty.   Yet, I was grateful that I looked like a ten year old.  Before going into surgery, I had tortured myself by searching for pictures of mastectomy scars online.  Here is a word of advise.  Never search out these pictures.  You will have nightmares.

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